ImmBio’s portfolio addresses major unmet healthcare needs.

ImmBio's lead programme is a vaccine against invasive pneumococcal disease, PnuBioVax™, that has recently progressed into full clinical development with the successful completion of a Phase I Clinical trial.

Located at the Babraham Institute, on the outskirts of Cambridge, ImmBio was founded based on advances in understanding of the immune system, in particular the key role of the dendritic cell (DC) in the integration of innate and acquired immunity. ImmBio utilises two distinct technology platforms, ImmBioVax™ and ImmunoBodies™ to target antigens to DCs. The lead platform, ImmBioVax, is designed for bacerial vaccines and mimics normal immune responses to a pathogen utilising multi-protein complexes to elicit priming of the immune system.

ImmBio’s unique technologies have the following benefits:

  • Induce broad  immunity effective against multiple pathogen strains and variants
  • Effective, long-lasting immune responses in diverse human populations
  • Emulate normal immune responses to pathogens to optimise the safety profile
  • Low cost of goods and a clear regulatory pathway to market

ImmBio’s patent estate covers the products and processes associated with its technologies. The company’s lead ImmBioVax™ programme, PnuBioVax™, targets invasive pneumococcal disease. We currently have collaborations with many leading research centres, including the co-development of ImmBio's pneumococcal vaccine, PnuBioVax™, with a leading Chinese vaccine organisation, the China National Biotech Group.