About us

ImmBio is developing the next generation of vaccines for infectious diseases.
ImmBio applies recent advances in Immunobiology that provide insights into how the immune system operates to design a new generation of vaccines against infectious disease pathogens.

Proof of concept work on a tuberculosis (TB) vaccine with the UK’s National Institute for Biological Standards & Control established the principles for the bacterial vaccine platform ImmBioVax™ which were then applied to the pre-clinical development of a candidate vaccine against Streptococcus pneumoniae. This multi-subunit protein vaccine has now progressed into full clinical trial with the successful completion of a first-in-man study.

ImmBio has established strong relationships with centres of expertise to augment the work at its own facilities and has successfully secured a number of grants and financial awards. In addition, ImmBio has established a development agreement with the major Chinese vaccine manufacturer, CNBG, for its lead pneumococcal vaccine programme.