ImmBio and Scancell Announce Collaboration and Licensing of ImmunoBodies

30 June 2006

ImmunoBiology (“ImmBio”), the Cambridge-based anti-infectives vaccine developer has entered into an agreement to apply Scancell’s ImmunoBody™ technology to selected ant-infective targets.

ImmunoBodies are recombinant proteins, incorporating the antigen/antibody complex in a single molecule.  It is efficiently taken up by Fc receptors on dendritic cells.  This results in up-regulation of co-stimulatory molecules, processing and presenting antigens on both class I and class II MHC molecules.  ImmunoBodies therefore provides a highly effective approach to vaccine development, producing an effective, long-lasting and safe immunological response.  They can be used both preventatively as a vaccine and therapeutically.   
Scancell continues to focus its ImmunoBodies development on oncology applications, with two lead programmes, targeting melanoma and anti-tumour vascular vaccines.   ImmBio will initially focus on developing products to address both seasonal and pandemic influenza, as well as a broad-based Hepatitis programme.  

Graham Clarke, CEO of ImmBio comments “The ImmunoBodies technology enables the rapid development of vaccines where there are defined antigens of relevance and where both a cellular and humoural immune response is required.  It complements ImmBio’s proprietary HspC™ platform: both efficiently load and present antigens into dendritic cells.  In the normal course of resolving an infection, HspCs provide a bridge between the innate (non-specific) response to an adaptive (pathogen-specific) response.  Subsequently, antibodies released complex with antigen and this is processed for final clearance and protection from the pathogen. ImmBio is therefore able to mirror the whole process, to safety create immunological protection.  This places us in unique position to develop breakthrough products”.