ImmBio Appoints Chairman and Non-Executive Directors

08 September 2006

ImmunoBiology Ltd (“ImmBio”) has appointed two new non-executives directors to the Board, reconstituted after completion of its Series C funding round:

  • Barrie Ward has been appointed Chairman
  • Chris Holloway has been appointed as a Director.

As CEO of KuDOS Pharmaceuticals, Barrie Ward raised funds and developed the company through to its sale to Astra-Zenica in 2005 for $210million.  In addition to a number of other non-executive positions, he is Chairman of Avant Therapeutics, based in Massachusetts, USA.  He led the creation of Avant from the merger of the Virus Research Institute (“VRI”) and T Cell Science, having previously been VRI’s CEO through its 1996 IPO.  Prior positions Barrie has held include Director of Studies at the National Institute for Medical Research and Director of Microbiology Division, Glaxo Research and Development.

Chris Holloway is co-founder and CSO of ERA Consulting, specializing in providing regulatory services for the manufacture and market approval of biopharmaceuticals.  He holds a verdia legend (Dr.rer.hum.biol.habil) from the Max Plank Institute.  Chris was Professor of Biochemistry and Physiological Chemistry at the Hannover Medical School.  He subsequently headed the Pharmacokinetics, Metabolism and Applied Immunology at the NATEC Institute for Scientific and Technical Services, Hamburg before becoming the Managing Director of International Biomedical Research in Germany and later founding ERA.

Other members of the Board are ImmBio’s CEO, Graham Clarke and Robert Schier, from Inventages Venture Capital, which led the Series C funding round.

Graham Clarke commented that “This creates an excellent Board for ImmBio as it broadens and progresses its product portfolio through the remainder of pre-clinical development and into clinical trials.  With strong and experienced management, capable staff, a solid patent estate and of course sound technology and excellent progress to date, ImmBio is now on a firm footing to transform the anti-infectives vaccine landscape with its breakthrough products”.