China National Biotec Group (CNBG) and ImmunoBiology Ltd enter licensing agreement to co-develop next generation vaccine against pneumococcal disease in Greater China

17 April 2019

Cambridge, UK - 18 March 2019 - ImmunoBiology Ltd (ImmBio), a vaccine R&D company based at Babraham Research Campus near Cambridge UK, has recently signed a licensing agreement with LIBP (Lanzhou Institute of Biological Product) a subsidiary company under CNBG.
This partnership will enable ImmBio and LIBP to co-develop ImmBio’s proprietary PnuBioVax vaccine against pneumococcal disease and launch the pneumococcal vaccine in the Greater China area upon completion of successful clinical studies. This Sino-UK high-tech partnership deal has been possible as a result of the long-lasting successful relation between the companies and strong pre-clinical and Phase I clinical data obtained by ImmBio in the development of the pneumococcal vaccine to date.
In addition to the multi-million milestone and royalty payment agreement, the licensing agreement provides a strategic alliance for ImmBio, allowing access to the partner’s strong technical ability and manufacturing capacity that could facilitate the development and commercialisation of the vaccine in the Rest of the World.

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