ImmBio Therapeutics Secures EEDA Funding

05 November 2006

ImmBio Therapeutics Ltd is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a Proof of Concept grant by the East of England Development Agency (“EEDEA”).

Its sister company, ImmunoBiology Ltd, is developing antiinfective prophylactic vaccines using its proprietary Heat shock protein Complex (“HspC”) technology platform and has a product portfolio approaching clinical trials.  ImmBio Therapeutics will similarly use the HspC technology, focusing on therapy.  The approach uses HspCs to raise novel, relevant monoclonal antibodies (“mAbs”), which can then be developed as therapeutic agents.

The platform enables therapies to be identified for otherwise hard-to-address pathogens, as prior knowledge of the pathogen’s antigens is not required.  The resultant products are expected to the efficacious and safe, mirroring and augmenting the normal immune response to infection.

EEDA’s pilot Proof of Concept fund assists new ventures conduct commercial studies, ensuring that companies identify the market needs.  In ImmBio Therapeutics case, this is the selection of the initial pathogen targets and the identification of downstream licensees’ requirements for the resultant therapeutics products.