ImmunoBiology (ImmBio) Extend Its Collaboration With Eden Biodesign To Develop A New Generation Vaccine For Influenza

05 September 2007

Liverpool/Cambridge, UK;  5 November 2007: Eden Biodesign Ltd, an expert provider of development and cGMP manufacturing services for biological therapies and ImmBio (Cambridge, UK), a leading biotechnology company developing the next generation of anti-infective vaccines, have elected to extend their initial collaboration to develop ImmBio’s innovative influenza vaccine. The new contract covers a range of development and cGMP manufacturing services to produce material for ImmBio’s Phase I clinical trial.

Influenza viral mutation and reassortment leads to frequent strain drift, while a major strain shift could result in a pandemic. Consequently the key need for a next generation vaccine product and associated manufacturing process is flexibility and speed. ImmBio’s approach is to use ImmunoBodiesTM technology which couples the Fc region of an antibody to influenza haemagglutinin (HA).
Each strain of influenza is characterized using the antigenic structure of HA , with 15 known subtypes. Studies conducted have successfully demonstrated that ImmunoBodiesTM can be produced for the different subtypes, including high-pandemic risk H5 and current seasonal H3.

Graham Clarke, CEO of ImmBio said: "We are pleased to extend our on-going relationship with Eden Biodesign and to work closely with the company to ensure effective and timely development of our leading product. We intend to progress along aggressive timelines towards clinical testing of our innovative vaccine which has the potential to revolutionise the flu vaccination market".

Dr Crawford Brown, CEO of Eden Biodesign commented: "We are delighted that ImmBio decided to extend their collaboration with us. It is our aim to develop long term relationships with our clients by ensuring that we conduct our business in an open and honest way, having the ultimate success of our clients’ products in mind".