ImmunoBiology Ltd ("ImmBio”) Successfully Closes New Funding Round

18 October 2012

ImmunoBiology Ltd (“ImmBio”) is pleased to announce that it has closed a new round of finance, raising £3.0m. Led by YFM Equity Partners, Inventages, Oxford VCTs and Hygea VCT who have investment in previous rounds, participated in the round. They have been joined by two new investors. ImmBio’s lead technology, ImmBioVaxTM has shown promising pre-clinical results in a number of disease areas and is now progressing MenBioVaxTM, it’s vaccine against invasive meningococcal disease, into human clinical trials. It is a unique broad spectrum vaccine, including the B strains. Given the importance the vaccine industry places on human data, successful outcome of the planned studies will place ImmBio in a very strong position Founded by Camilo Cola?o, Chief Science Officer, ImmBio is a vaccine development company based at the Babraham Research Campus, Cambridge. Graham Clarke, the CEO has held a number of commercial and business development executive positions within the pharmaceutical industry while the Development Director Chris Bailey led pre-clinical development at Medeva. ImmBio is developing a next generation of anti-infective vaccines, which address areas of high unmet medical need, when current products are inadequate and the consequence of infection are severe. ImmBio has an established product and process patent estate around the technology, under the proprietary name ImmBioVaxTM. This safely mimics the normal immune response to a pathogen ex vivo, resulting in a vaccine which appropriately primes the host’s immune system, so that it is able to block any subsequent infection by the pathogen. Graham Clarke, CEO, said: “I am delighted in the support shown by our current and new investors and confident that the value of our platform technology will be clearly demonstrated through the human trials planned over the next 18-24 months.