Sino-UK companies announce TB vaccine partnership deal

17 October 2011

ImmunoBiology Ltd, a vaccine development company based at the Babraham Research Campus near Cambridge UK, is pleased to announce the signing of an initial cooperation agreement with LIBP, a subsidiary company under Sinopharm’s biological products division – CNBG (China National Biotech Group).

This partnership collaboration will enable ImmBio and LIBP(Lanzhou Institute of Biological Product) to co-develop ImmBio’s proprietary T-BioVax vaccine for Tuberculosis(TB) into clinical studies in China aiming to launch the TB vaccine first into the Chinese market upon completion of successful clinical studies. Over the course of the past year, ImmBio’s CEO Graham Clarke, Development Director Chris Bailey and Marshall Ma (Link China Pharma Solutions) had intensive business discussions and technical exchanges with CNBG President, Vice President, Chief Scientist and other top Chinese vaccine experts at CNBG headquarters in Beijing and in Lanzhou China.

The partnership will form a strategic alliance between ImmBio’s proprietary platform technology based innovative TB vaccine product with the Chinese partner’s strong technical ability, manufacturing capacity and well established distribution channel in the Chinese vaccine market. This partnership will also lead the way for more successful collaboration opportunities on ImmBio’s ImmBioVax platform technology and ImmunoBodies platform technology based anti-infectious vaccines such as Meningitis, Pneumococcal, Hepatitis C and Flu vaccines etc.

TB is a serious, debilitating and highly contagious disease affecting millions of people worldwide. If not properly treated, it is often fatal. TB is responsible for the greatest number of deaths from an infectious disease. Each year 54 million people are infected, 6.8 million develop clinical disease and 2.4 million people die of TB. It is endemic in numerous countries. TB is a major public health problem in China. China has the world's second largest tuberculosis epidemic (after India), and of the 37 notifiable communicable diseases in China, TB ranks first in terms of notified cases and deaths. Naturally prevention of TB infection becomes the Chinese government’s top priority infectious disease control initiative. Therefore this TB vaccine partnership deal between Sino-UK companies will add to its significance and will speed up the development process to produce an effective TB vaccine to reduce the infection rate.

About Sinopharm/LIBP

China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation, SINOPHARM, is the largest pharmaceutical and healthcare group in China, with core business of pharmaceutical distribution, scientific research and manufacture of medical and biotech products. Lanzhou Institute of Biological Products (LIBP) was founded in 1934 with a long history of 70 years and is a subsidiary company under Sinopharm’s Biological Product Arm - China National Biotech Corporation. LIBP is engaged in the R & D, manufacture and marketing of biological products. The main task of the Institute is researching, producing and selling biological products used for prevention, treatment and diagnosis of infectious diseases and other diseases. LIBP is selected as one of the industrialized basements of National 863 Program under the Ministry of Science & Technology and one of the Technique Centre of State Enterprises.