ImmBio is a privately-held vaccine development company, with a strong syndicate of investors and partners.

ImmBio's pneumococcal vaccine candidate PnuBioVax™ is available for licensing.

In 2011 ImmBio entered into a co-development and license deal with the Chinese state vaccine organisation CNBG to progress T-BioVax™.

In 2012, ImmBio closed a major round of finance from existing investors YFM Equity Partners, Inventages, Oxford VCTs and Hygea VCT, who were also joined by two new investors.

Complementing shareholder funding, ImmBio has been awarded a number of competitive grants. This included two grants from the UK Biomedical Catalyst to initiate the development of its pneumococcal vaccine PnuBioVax™ and its meningococcal vaccine candidate MenBioVax™.

In 2015, ImmBio closed a further round of finance with its existing investors to enable ImmBio to progress its pneumococcal vaccine candidate, PnuBioVax™, into clinical development with the successful completion of a Phase I Clinical trial.

In 2017, ImmBio published the results of its successful Phase I clinical trial of PnuBioVax, demonstrating both safety and immunogenicity.

In 2019, ImmBio entered a co-development and license deal with CNBG to develop PnuBioVax as the next generation vaccine for pneumococcal disease in Greater China.