ImmBio develops vaccines that protect against pathogens by mimicking the natural immune response to infection.


Based on insights into the role of heat shock proteins in the immune response to pathogens, ImmBio developed and patented a new vaccine technology ImmBioVax™. The resultant products:

  • Confer broad protection to protect diverse human populations
  • Do not require the addition of adjuvants
  • Emulate a normal infection and are predicted to posses a good safety profile
  • Possess low production costs



ImmunoBodies are antibody-antigen fusion proteins. ImmBio has developed this technology and established a cross-license agreement for ImmunoBodies with Scancell Ltd. The resultant products:

  • Can be developed rapidly by a clear regulatory path
  • Possess rapid manufacturing cycle time and low production costs
  • Do not require adjuvants 

More information is provided in the publications link on this page.


Intellectual Property: Patent portfolio comprises twelve families addressing composition, manufacture and use of multi-protein complex based vaccines. Trademarks include company and vaccine product names.  Know-how includes  product constructs, process design and assays.