Market Needs

ImmBio's vaccines are designed to deliver broad protective efficacy.

The following market needs are critical for success:

  • Age-independent breadth of protection
  • Simplification of the vaccination schedule (combining vaccines)
  • Lower product costs, to globally-affordable levels

The dominant healthcare requirement is to develop safe, effective vaccines against further diseases. Whilst vaccines are available against around 25 pathogens, it is estimated that another 40 could be addressed but to achieve this, new vaccine technologies are required. Three particular challenges are key:

  • Infectious diseases disproportionately affect the young and the elderly, due to their reduced immune system status
  • Circulating pathogen strains are diverse, often with defensive mechanisms to evade immunity which go beyond the capabilities of current technologies
  • Individuals’ immune systems vary and to provide protection across the population appropriate antigen presentation to the immune system is required

Public health demands that the safety profile of vaccines must be excellent and cannot be compromised to achieve efficacy. A number of high-profile disease outbreaks, concern of potential outbreaks (including bioterrorism) and recognition of the ability of pathogens to mutate, highlight the scale of unmet needs. This has spurred renewed interest in vaccines. While many organisations utilise established technologies, ImmBio employs innovative approaches to develop next generation vaccines based on targeted antigen delivery.