ImmBio’s portfolio addresses major unmet healthcare needs.

ImmBio's lead programme is a vaccine against invasive pneumococcal disease, PnuBioVax™ has progressed into clinical development with the recent successful completion of a Phase I Clinical trial.

ImmBio is developing next-generation vaccines targeting infectious diseases, based on its proprietary bacteriaI vaccine technology platforms ImmBioVax™.   ImmBio's proprietary bacterial vaccine platform, ImmBioVax™, utilises a production process to mimic the normal immune response to bacterial pathogens. ImmBioVax™ vaccines contain multi-protein complexes designed to elicit broad immune system priming to protect against multiple pathogen strains and thus address the problems of genetic variation and mutation.

ImmBio's lead ImmBioVax™ vaccine candidate against invasive pneumococcal disease (PnuBioVax™) has recently progressed into full clinical development.

ImmBio also has ImmBioVax™ vaccine candidates in late pre-clinical development against invasive meningococcal disease (MenBioVax™), tuberculosis (T-BioVax).

In addition ImmBio has early ImmBioVax™ vaccine candidates against Helicobacter Pylori and C.difficile.

ImmBio's IP portfoilio also covers the development of cancer vaccines using the ImmBioVax™ technology platform and is available for licensing for oncology applications.

ImmBio's viral vaccine platform ImmunoBodies™ is currently available for licensing