T-BioVax: A novel vaccine against TB

An effective Tuberculosis (TB) vaccine is an established global priority. To address this unmet need, ImmBio is developing T-BioVax™ in partnership with CNBG, the largest vaccine manufacturing organisation in China. The initial target is development of a "booster” to protect “at- risk” individuals who have received the standard Bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccine but who are no longer protected. ImmBioVax™ technology has the potential to achieve this providing an effective way of delivering antigens into dendritic cells via a mechanism that is not limited by prior exposure to BCG. T-BioVax™ also has the potential to offer a prime vaccination approach replacing BCG and potentially provides:

  • A booster vaccine post vaccination with BCG
  • Protection for the immune compromised, who cannot receive live BCG vaccine
  • Potential replacement for BCG, which has variable efficacy

TB is responsible for the greatest number of deaths from an infectious disease. Each year, 54 million people are infected, 6.8 million develop the disease and 2.4 million people die. It is endemic in numerous countries and the impact of TB is now compounded by:

  • Co-morbidity with HIV/AIDS
  • Emergence of multi drug-resistant (MDR) strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
  • High levels of movement of people between countries

Treatment strategies rely on a number of drugs taken in combination. With up to 12 months of therapy required, achieving patient compliance is very difficult. live BCG is the only vaccine currently available. Its protective efficacy has been shown to vary and it is often ineffective where there has been prior exposure to environmental mycobacteria. Prior exposure to the live BCG vaccine also prevents its use as a booster.